Who We Are?

We are an International Seller of export petroleum products;
particularly crude, jet fuels and various types of diesel products.

Our scope of business encompasses Middle East, Asia, North America, South America,
Africa, USA, China and Europe.

Company Profile

The formulation of World Fuel Group is the result of combining two successful companies, Azizi Petroleum and Cathay Petroleum. The company is driven to successfully establishing a reputation for providing quality trading solutions to a range of clients across the globe.

Our Headquarters are centrally located in Media City, Concord Tower, Dubai, UAE; with one of the best panoramic views of the Palm Islands. Coming soon, World Fuel Group will be opening offices in the Port of Rotterdam, the largest Seaport in Europe. This strategy will provide the company additional advantage to best servicing you, our respected clientele.

World Fuel Group is a Seller/Buyer that takes title, at our own risk on all our allocations, and we sell these products to our Buyers. The company is a solid and strong entity in the industry. I look forward to working with you in the very near future. The Company is a Private Company, based in Dubai, UAE.

Our Executive Team

Selaiman Azizi

Precident and CEO (Cheif Executive Officer), Board Member, Dubai, UAE

Mr. Kash Daryanani

Board Member, Dubai, UAE

What Can You Expect ?

World Fuel Group's approach is our knowledge of the client's requirements, mission and goals. This approach helps to get a strong and good client relationship and give a greater level of service.

World Fuel Group works closely with you, our client, to analyse your needs and manage your commodity and financial risk. Through our impressive record of performance, we always deliver what we offer. We are the Titleholder.

World Fuel Group operate with integrity, transparency and accountability as a single business line together. Together with our client's similar mind set of integrity, transparency and accountability, we can finalize what we start out to do, sell and buy fuel products.

World Fuel Group's Due Diligence program is customized to each need, our offering becomes even more powerful when we apply our integrated approach, combining the results of commercial, operational, financial, and legal due diligence. We believe that this approach to creating transparency in the commodity trading market moves our clients into a position from which they can take fact-based actions and make better investment-related decisions.

World Fuel Group is a leader in Oil and Gas. We value our skills as our core competence. By combining forecasting and planning, we strive to reduce risk, scheduling inaccuracy, and costs.

World Fuel Group has developed good relationships with Refineries and Suppliers so that we can create sustainable business with our Buyers and End Buyers. World Fuel Group adds real value through its expertise and total commitment to its clients.

Message from the President

I am delighted to present to you "World Fuel Group".
The "World Fuel Group" is the combining of two companies with the intent of becoming one of the leaders in the fuel industry.

Our core values are shared across each and every member of our team.

These values will assist the company to grow into an international leader in the fuel industry.

The most important feature in our industry is the bringing of us, as Seller, and the Buyer together at a Table Top Meeting, in our head office in Dubai. With this in mind, "World Fuel Group" collaborates with our clients from project inception to delivering the best possible outcome in the fuel market today.

We are driven to achieve a legacy through a synergized approach; based on integrity and satisfaction, building unsurpassed relationships and sustainable solutions.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.


Mr. Selaiman Azizi